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Training and Lessons

Faye Benedict Smith
Owner and Head Trainer

Faye is an experienced and knowledgable horseman who has been riding horses for over 30 years and training horses for over 20.

In 2002, Benedict Smith opened Fairbanks Stable.

In the beginning, specializing in sales and lessons but has since expanded into training and boarding.

Faye specializes in training riders in the disciplines of Eventing, Hunters, and Equitation. She regularly trains young horses, brings along young stock for clients, and works with horses with behavioral problems.


How to Book a Lesson

Make an Appointment

In order to book a lesson, please call or text Faye to discuss availability in our schedule. Scheduling ahead is the only way to book a lesson, "walk-ins" will not be permitted.

Contact Faye: (518)337-7362


Beginner Lessons - $40

Group Lesson - $55

Private Lesson - $65

4-H Member Discount: $35 for any lesson

Which lesson is right for me or my child? 

Beginner Lesson

Beginner lessons are for young riders who have never ridden a horse before, need assistance while riding, are walk/trotting, and are beginning to canter. Riders 3 years of age and older are welcome!

Sessions are 30 minutes long with 1-2 riders per session

Group Lesson

Group lessons have multiple riders in one session. Groups are organized by similar ability levels and all riders in the group receive equal personalized instruction.

Sessions are 45 mins - 1 hour long with 2 - 4 riders per session

Private Lesson

Private lessons are a 1-on-1 session. The rider is the only one being coached during this session and riders receive personalized detailed instruction.

Sessions are 30 - 45 minutes long with 1 rider per session

4-H Member Discount

All students who are a member of the Bridle Buddies 4-H Club will be charged a discounted flat rate regardless of the lesson type they are participating in.

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